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Week 4 Post 1

Armstrong Garden CentersClicking on this website the first thing you notice is the slight graphics, a fade transition that goes through information that the company wants you to look at first. With the traditional web design, logo on the left, with years of service. Clean easy to read drop down tabs for additional pages.A pattern of green and yellow for the theme of a plant company. All pages do have the same repetition, the same template, for customers to find things and not wonder where things are located. It seems that this company targets homeowners from the ages of 25 to 40, with 31 stores, and 1.1 square foot greenhouses they advertise their customers to think about their new home renovation. They also seem to cater to landscaping business as well with a variety of plants and specialty tools to get the work done. They encourage homeowners to design and create their perfect front and back yard. Their slogan is “Gardening without the Guesswork.”Rancho Vista NurseryThis business is…

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