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Week 16: Wrapping It Up

  Social media to me has been a love and hate relationship. My first social media account was MySpace, yes, I just showed my age. What was more appealing to a teenager where you can talk to people that have the same views in music and art. Your profile reflected who you were at the moment and your song on you page was you anthem of your life. It was fun. This is how I meet the most interesting people in my life and who became friends outside of the internet. MySpace was my life, then I got introduced to Facebook. Although social media for my personal has been good personally, I get to keep in contact with friends, and family and then get to meet new family members that I did not know were part of my branch. It has been good. Working and incorporating social media to a business is more work than just your personal post. Working with a business social media platform you must strategize, learn what is trending, what is your target audience. Social media content is like planning what typ

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